The benefits of using roof trusses in your next project

Trusses Vancouver Island

Building Roof Trusses in the Kootenays

At Truline Truss, we recognize the importance of expertly engineered roof trusses in providing secure structures and protecting property interiors. Our advanced manufacturing facility utilizes cutting-edge technology to create tailored solutions for a variety of projects. By taking extra measures during every step – from planning to implementation – our dedicated team is proud to uphold the highest standards when designing structural components that contractors can rely on across the Kootenays in British Columbia.

Trusses Vancouver Island

The truss is a building invention that allows the weight of a roof to be distributed to the outer walls for better support. In addition, trusses are triangular in shape and composed of multiple triangles. These shapes give the building more support and allow a builder to use fewer materials to achieve the same function.

Today there are many different Truss roof systems. They all share that interlocking, rafter-and-joist design, but come in many shapes and satisfy a variety of roofing needs. Some are flat, some include extra storage area for an attic, and some are slanted to create additional ceiling height. The versatility of trusses is one reason this style continues to be a popular choice for agricultural barns, commercial buildings, and residential homes.

  • Can be installed quickly
  • Cost effective
  • Built in a climate-controlled environment
  • Are delivered to the job-site as a complete set for the roof structure to be built
  • The unique properties of a triangular object allow trusses to span across longer distances
  • Increase load capabilities
  • Minimize waste
  • Trusses are cheaper than conventional roof framing due to labor savings and also because they are built from shorter lengths of 2×4 lumber rather than the large size lumber required in building rafters and ceiling joists
  • High quality materials and added strength
  • Made from wood, a renewable resource
  • Roof truss systems allow for almost any custom roof design and shape imaginable, allowing features such as cross gables and cathedral ceilings without being prohibitively expensive

Design & Engineering Load Distribution

Trusses help transfer and distribute the weight of the roof to the outer walls. Trusses are designed with a series of triangles and webs to carry the weight across the entirety of the roof, by installing them this way onsite, it allows the pressure from the load to be carried to the exterior walls of the building, leaving the inner walls free from bearing the brunt of the load. All Trusses leaving our facility are designed and engineered to exceed local engineering building requirements.


Installation Period & Crane Delivery

Prefabricating wall panels & roof trusses off-site allows for more prep time onsite before installation. Therefore, keeping tight deadlines for the contractor and project. Above all, our engineered roof trusses are brought to the build site by a crane to be installed on the same day they are needed. In other words, we schedule our deliveries around your needs.


Your Trusted Roof Truss Manufacturer on Vancouver Island

Pacific Truss produces high-quality trusses using advanced technology. With over 60 years of experience in the building supply business our experienced team is available to assist you. If you have any questions about your upcoming project, whether it is your first home or if you are building a full-scale multi-family development project, we are here to help.

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