Company History About Truline Truss

Truline Truss was locally owned until 1998 when it was acquired by Pacific Truss.

When the market crash hit in 2008, Truline had to let go of all office employees except for one. After the company survived the crash, it continued to build upon their reputation that was founded on good quality, design and service. 

In 2017, Truline Truss relocated their facilities to their current location at 300 Helen St in Creston, British Columbia, Canada. This new facility gives Truline Truss room to evolve as a company. 

In 2019, All-Fab Group, a company based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, acquired Truline Truss from Pacific Truss. Under new ownership, Truline Truss has increased their operational efficiency by implementing modern technology. This paired with their industry expertise will allow for Truline Truss to provide a superior product and service.

Canadian Wood Truss Association

Western Wood Truss Association

More than just trusses Truline Truss Today

Truline Truss’ great service, designs, and quality is what differentiates them from competitors. Our designers reach out directly to the customers with questions, building relationships to ensure everything is done exactly right. Truline Truss also has a fast turnaround on getting trusses and material to customers due to their efficient manufacturing and delivery systems. Our greatest strength is our employees that work great together as a team to best serve our customers.

Our Trusses

Are designed to exceed engineering and structural standards, and are built to your exact specifications.